Frequently Asked Questions

How does it all work?

The process is simple. A client contracts our  services to locate and manage a cleaning company on their behalf and we in turn, contract a cleaning company to perform the required cleaning services for the client.

Is it more expensive to use HFCS than working directly with a cleaning company?

No. Our clients pay the same amount or sometimes less than what they would pay when working directly with a cleaning company.

Do I still have to sign a contract?

Yes. However, unlike the traditional cleaning contract, signing a contract with us gives you the flexibility to replace or use multiple cleaning companies during the duration of your contract.

Do I have any say in which cleaning company cleans my facility?

Of course! We will never send a cleaning company to your facility that you do not approve of.

Who should I communicate with if I have an issue?

All communications should take place with HFCS and not the cleaners. Remember, we work on your behalf.

Do you provide insurance coverage to protect my facility if something goes wrong?

Yes you are covered! HFCS and its cleaning partners both carry insurance coverage to protect your facility.

How does HFCS ensure that the selected cleaning company does their job consistently well?

Good question! We start by following an extensive selection process which allows us to work with cleaning companies that have a proven track record of consistently producing high quality work. Once one of our cleaning companies is selected, we use a combination of technology and quality control systems to hold them accountable. This system has proven very effective for us in selecting and managing our cleaning companies sucessfully.


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